Whatu | Weaving

KIRI NATHAN whatu/weaving is created by hand. The feathers are hand prepped and individually handwoven into the final kākahu/garment. All kākahu are 100% made in New Zealand. The feathers are sourced locally from a small Māori owned business. When this business can not provide feathers, KN ethically sources off shore.

Korowai, the name most commonly recognised to describe Māori cloaks, are traditionally hand woven garments made from harakeke, muka and other natural fibres and resources. There are many names and styles of traditional Māori cloaks. These hand processed garments are the epitome of Māori weaving, with master weavers taking up to one year to weave a garment. At KN we work with contemporary cords and natural feather, our garments are referred to as kākahu.

Kiri returned to the marae and kura to learn weaving in harakeke, muka and natural resources. She then combined this learning with her formal fashion and design education to develop kākahu that reflect her whakapapa Māori (genealogy).

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